Research Highlight

Early Career Professional Development Workshop

2.17.2015 (Tue)

The South Central Climate Science Center is excited to debut a short video capturing our 2014 Early Career Professional Development Workshop! The workshop was held on June 15-20, 2014, and allowed early-career researchers in natural and social sciences to meet and interact with high quality established researchers as well as their fellow peers involved in a diverse array of fields. Participants gained insight into how their research fits into the broader research priority goals of the SC CSC enterprise and its eventual applicability to end-user and resource management needs across the region. This experience helped remove some of the institutional barriers, or “silos,” at an influential time in the development of these professionals so that they can better navigate multi-institutional and multi- or inter-disciplinary research.

Workshop participants are already taking a leadership role in communicating science amongst the SC CSC, the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, and other partners by planning, implementing, and attending workshops focused on determining shared science priorities, developing new options for future collaborative science needs, and brainstorming future proposal ideas. Other participants have been interacting directly with our NOAA consortium member as well as authoring or co-authoring papers and proposals at their respective institutions. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with these energetic up-and-coming researchers!

Video courtesy Toni Klemm.