Emma Kuster

Program Coordinator

University of Oklahoma

Responsibilities at SC CSC:

Emma's duties include coordination of grant submissions to USGS and other agencies, connecting researchers and stakeholders across the region, organizing research workshops and committee meetings, and conducting the day-to-day activities of the South Central CSC.


Prior to joining the South Central CSC, Emma served as Program Coordinator for the Oklahoma National Science Foundation EPSCoR Program. In this role, she worked with about 35 faculty investigators and their students, engaged in outreach activities to highlight the project's success in adapting socio-ecological systems to increased climate variability, and organized research events. She earned a Master's degree in Geography and a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology, both from the University of Oklahoma.


Kuster, E.L. & Fox, G.A, 2017: Current state of climate education in natural and social sciences in the USA. Climatic Change, 1-14, doi:10.1007/s10584-017-1918-z.