Consortium Principal Investigators



Areas of Expertise

Dr. Renee McPherson
University Co-Director
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University of Oklahomaphysical & applied climatology, climate variability & change, land-air-vegetation interactions, climate observing systems
Dr. Jim Ansley
Department Head of Natural Resource Ecology & Management
Oklahoma State Universityplant ecology, plant ecophysiology, woody plant invasion
Dr. Keith Dixon
Research Meteorologist
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratoryclimate change, variability, and decadal prediction
Dr. Chris D’Elia
Louisiana State Universitynutrient dynamics of estuaries and coral reefs; science policy
Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Texas Tech Climate Science Center
Texas Tech Universityatmospheric science; global modeling; greenhouse gas emissions; regional climate impacts, policy
Dr. Isaac Held
Senior Research Scientist
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratoryatmospheric/oceanic fluid dynamics, geophysical turbulence; climate dynamics & change
Dr. Hank Jenkins-Smith
University of Oklahomabehaviors relevant to climate change policy; U.S. public opinion; belief systems regarding climate & weather
Dr. Barry Keim
State Climatologist
Louisiana State Universityclimate change, extreme weather events, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, and applied climatology
Wayne Kellogg
Environmental Engineer, P.E., P.G., CSP
The Chickasaw Nationhydrogeology, subsurface hydrology, remediation
Brian McClain
Executive Director
Choctaw Nation of Oklahomacomprehensive oversight and leadership responsibilities associated with natural resources
Dr. Berrien Moore III
Vice President of Weather and Climate Programs
University of Oklahomaglobal carbon cycle, satellite remote sensing
Dr. David Parsons
Director, School of Meteorology
University of Oklahomain-situ and remote sensing technologies, extratropical & tropical precipitation
Dr. Ken Rainwater
Texas Tech Universitygroundwater hydrology, water resources & watershed management
Dr. Victor Rivera-Monroy
Assistant Professor
Louisiana State Universityestuarine & coastal ecosystems, landscape modeling/ecosystem models, coastal management/aquaculture
Dr. Kevin Robbins
Associate Professor & Director, Southern Regional Climate Center
Louisiana State Universityagricultural climatology
Dr. Mark Shafer
Director, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program
University of Oklahomause of scientific info. in policy outcomes; climate services
Duane Smith
Choctaw Nation Water Consultant
Choctaw Nation of Oklahomawater resources management
Ron Stouffer
Senior Research Climatologist
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratoryclimate modeling
Dr. Aondover Tarhule
Chair, Geography & Environmental Sustainability
University of Oklahomaphysical hydrology, rural water issues, hydro-climatic reconstruction
Dr. David T. Tissue
Professor and Co-Director of the Texas Tech Climate Science Center
Texas Tech Universityphysiological plant ecologist; native and crop plant response to climate change
Dr. Caryn C. Vaughn
Director, Oklahoma Biological Survey
University of Oklahomaenvironmental flows, biodiversity-ecosystem function, freshwater ecology
Dr. Xiangming Xiao
University of Oklahomageospatial technology for natural resources, biodiversity, and ecology; carbon cycle; disease ecology
Dr. John Zak
Associate Dean & Professor
Texas Tech Universitymicrobial ecologies in arid and semi-arid landscapes; fungal response in desert ecosystems