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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Renee McPherson
University Director
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University of Oklahomaphysical & applied climatology, climate variability & change, land-air-vegetation interactions, climate observing systems
Dr. Veronica Acosta-Martinez
Soil Microbiologist and Biochemist, ARS – Lubbock
U.S. Department of Agriculturesoil microbiology and biochemistry
Dr. Jim Ansley
Department Head of Natural Resource Ecology & Management
Oklahoma State Universityplant ecology, plant ecophysiology, woody plant invasion
Dr. Ken Baake
Associate Professor
Texas Tech Universitynarratives and rhetoric of drought
Dr. Jeff Basara
Associate Professor
University of Oklahomameteorology, climatology, land-atmosphere interactions, drought
Darrian Bertrand
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Oklahoma
Jessica Blackband
Communications Specialist
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University of Oklahomaclimate science communication, stakeholder engagement
Dr. Cristina Bradatan
Associate Professor
Texas Tech Universityhuman population dynamics, migration and climate change, environmental sociology
Dr. Keith Brewster
Sr. Research Scientist and Associate Director, Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
University of Oklahomaweather and climate analysis and impacts
Paulina Cwik
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Oklahoma
Dr. Eurico D'Sa
Associate Professor
Louisiana State Universityremote sensing, marine optics, climate change
Dr. Kristine DeLong
Assistant Professor
Louisiana State Universitypaleoclimatology, climate change on recent and longer time scales, ocean-atmosphere processes and decadal variability
Dr. Keith Dixon
Research Meteorologist
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratoryclimate change, variability, and decadal prediction
Dr. Chris D’Elia
Louisiana State Universitynutrient dynamics of estuaries and coral reefs; science policy
Dr. Renee Edwards
Professor and Chair, Communication Studies
Louisiana State Universityhurricane evacuation and decision making, hurricane literacy, responding to new stories about drought
Emma Kuster
Program Coordinator
University of Oklahomaprogram management, grant management, stakeholder engagement, climate science
Dr. Robert Forbis
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universityenergy and environmental politics/policy, natural resource management, urban development/sustainability, hydraulic fracturing
Dr. Jack Friedman
Research Scientist
University of Oklahomapsychological anthropology, medical anthropology, environmental anthropology
Dr. Jason Furtado
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahomalarge-scale climate dynamics, coupled systems, sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts
Dr. Rodica Gelca
Research Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universityclimate change and surface water quality, trends in climate indicators, risk assessment of air pollution on aquatic biota
Dr. Betsy (Elizabeth) Glenn
Research Coordinator
US Geological Surveypopulation ecology, management of threatened and endangered species, forest ecosystems
Dr. Blake Grisham
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universitywildlife population modeling, game bird ecology, wildlife management
Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Texas Tech Climate Science Center
Texas Tech Universityatmospheric science; global modeling; greenhouse gas emissions; regional climate impacts, policy
Dr. Dawn Jourdan
Professor and Executive Associate Dean
Texas A&M Universityclimate vulnerability, adaptive planning, intergenerational participation
Dr. Dubravko Justic
Texaco Distinguished Professor
Louisiana State Universityecosystem modeling, biological oceanography, impacts of climate change
Wayne Kellogg
Environmental Engineer, P.E., P.G., CSP
The Chickasaw Nationhydrogeology, subsurface hydrology, remediation
Dr. Jeff Kelly
Director, Oklahoma Biological Survey
University of Oklahomaecology, animal migration, migratory birds
Toni Klemm
Doctoral Candidate
University of Oklahomaapplied climatology, development of seasonal climate forecasts for agricultural decision-support
Dr. Jennifer Koch
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahomaland-use and land-cover change, integrated modeling, coupled human and natural systems, GIS
Dr. Mike Langston
Acting Director
US Geological Surveywetland ecology, watershed management, water policy
Dr. Daan Liang
Associate Professor
Texas Tech Universitywindstorm damage assessment, disaster resiliency, emergency response
Dr. Kam-biu Liu
Louisiana State Universitycoastal environmental change, paleoclimatology and paleoecology, hurricanes
Chloe Magee
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Oklahomahazard mitigation, climate perceptions, GIS as a decision support system
Dr. Kanchan Maiti
Assistant Professor
Louisiana State Universitybiogeochemistry and isotope geochemistry
Dr. Elinor Martin
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahomaprecipitation variability at multiple scales, weather and climate interactions, modeling climate variability
Brian McClain
Executive Director
Choctaw Nation of Oklahomacomprehensive oversight and leadership responsibilities associated with natural resources
Dr. Nancy McIntyre
Texas Tech Universityhabitat connectivity, landscape ecology, playa wetlands
Dr. Gerald Miller
University of Oklahomain situ and laboratory testing, advanced soil mechanics, unsaturated soil mechanics
Dr. Berrien Moore III
Vice President of Weather and Climate Programs
University of Oklahomaglobal carbon cycle, satellite remote sensing
Dr. Jennifer Moore-Kucera
Associate Professor
Texas Tech Universitysoils and climate change, greenhouse gas fluxes, land management
Dr. Esther Mullens
Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Oklahomaclimatology, winter weather, modeling, atmospheric dynamics
Dr. Ali Nejat
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universityagent-based modeling, disaster recovery, behavioral modeling
Dr. Dennis Patterson
Professor and Chair, Political Sciences
Texas Tech Universitypublic policy, statistical analysis, politics of climate change, climate change and national security
Dr. Paxton Payton
Research Plant Physiologist, ARS – Lubbock
U.S. Department of Agricultureplant physiology, ecology and climate response
Sascha Petersen
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Adaptation Internationalcommunity climate resilience, adaptation planning, tribal collaboration
Atherton Phleger
Assistant Sustainability Scientist
University of Oklahomacommunity development, technical writing, cultural resources
Dr. Steven Quiring
Ohio State Universityclimatology, hydroclimatology, synoptic climatology, climate data analytics
Dr. Ken Rainwater
Texas Tech Universitygroundwater hydrology, water resources & watershed management
Dr. Victor Rivera-Monroy
Assistant Professor
Louisiana State Universityestuarine & coastal ecosystems, landscape modeling/ecosystem models, coastal management/aquaculture
Dr. Ashton Robinson Cook
NOAA NWS Storm Prediction Centersevere convection (meteorology), climatology, El Nino-Southern Oscillation, weather prediction
Dr. Robert Rohli
Louisiana State Universitysynoptic and applied climatology
Dr. Derek Rosendahl
Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Oklahomaclimate variability and change, climate modeling, data management
Dr. Jung-Hee Ryu
Research Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universityglobal circulation modeling, climate dynamics, tropical wave dynamics
Dr. Melanie Sarge
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universitypublic understanding of climate change, strategic health & science communication
Terri Sarsycki
Financial Administrator and Office Manager
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University of Oklahomafinancial management, Federal compliance, grant management
Dr. Dylan Schwilk
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universityplant ecology, fire ecology, drought tolerance
Dr. Mark Shafer
Director, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program
University of Oklahomause of scientific info. in policy outcomes; climate services
Duane Smith
Choctaw Nation Water Consultant
Choctaw Nation of Oklahomawater resources management
Dr. Laurel Smith
Associate Professor
University of Oklahomacultural historical geography, science & technology studies, Indigenous geographies
Dr. Jean Steiner
Supervisory Soil Scientist, ARS - El Reno
U.S. Department of Agriculturesustainable agroecosystems, long-term agroecological research, USDA regional climate hub
Dr. Anne Stoner
Research Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universitystatistical downscaling of climate variables, climate projections and analysis, extreme climate indicators
Dr. Ranjini Swaminathan
Research Assistant Professor
Texas Tech Universitymachine learning, computational models for climate projections and extreme events
April Taylor
Sustainability Scientist
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The Chickasaw Nationtribal engagement, cultural resources, Indian education, trainings for tribal staff, GIS
Dr. Owen Temby
Assistant Professor
University of Texas - Rio Grande Valleyfishery governance, air pollution policy
Dr. David T. Tissue
Professor and Co-Director of the Texas Tech Climate Science Center
Texas Tech Universityphysiological plant ecologist; native and crop plant response to climate change
Dr. Robert Twilley
Executive Director, Louisiana Sea Grant College Program
Louisiana State Universitycoastal systems ecology, wetland biogeochemistry, ecosystem design of resilient coastal landscapes
Dr. Venki Uddameri
Professor and Interim Director of the Water Resources Center
Texas Tech Universitygroundwater modeling, sustainable water resources management, decision making under uncertainty
Dr. Jennifer Vanos
Assistant Professor
University of California San Diegohuman biometeorology, applied synoptic climatology, extreme heat/air pollution meteorology and health effects, urban bioclimates
Dr. Adrienne Wootten
Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Oklahomadynamic and statistical downscaling, use of climate data in decision-making, uncertainty analysis
Dr. Ming Xue
Weathernews Chair, Director, Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
University of Oklahomaweather and climate modeling and prediction
Dr. John Zak
Associate Dean & Professor
Texas Tech Universitymicrobial ecologies in arid and semi-arid landscapes; fungal response in desert ecosystems
Dr. Musharraf Zaman
Chair Professor
University of Oklahomageotechnical engineering, soil dynamics, rock mechanics, soil structure interaction