South Central CSC Staff Receive USGS Awards

4.11.2017 (Tue)


Every year, the U.S. Geological Survey honors outstanding staff and volunteers who have been instrumental to the agency’s mission of developing high quality science. We are excited to announce that two South Central CSC staff, Dr. Mike Langston and Darby Perry, are recipients of USGS awards in 2017.

USGS Special Thanks for Achievement Award
Dr. Mike Langston, South Central CSC Deputy Director, is part of the Strategic Planning team that was nominated for the USGS Special Thanks for Achievement Award. This award recognizes the Strategic Planning team for going above and beyond in leading the development of a CSC Network Strategic Plan. The team took on this ambitious project in addition to all of their daily responsibilities and were nominated by others in the network for this award.  Dr. Langston shares this honor with Janet Cushing, Deputy Chief of the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center, and Carolyn Enquist, Deputy Director of the Southwest Climate Science Center.

USGS Citizen’s Award for Exceptional Service
This honor is awarded to a private citizen, organizational partner, or volunteer who has contributed significantly to the mission of USGS. Darby Perry, South Central CSC Executive Assistant, received this award for her work supporting the CSC Network’s Strategic Planning efforts. She was instrumental in setting up, transcribing, and organizing the interviews that made the planning process possible. Darby is a junior at the University of Oklahoma studying Public Relations.