North Central and South Central CSCs Find New Opportunity for Collaboration

2.09.2015 (Mon)

Each of the eight DOI Climate Science Centers (CSCs) receives guidance from a regional Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC). These committees provide counsel on the resource management and decision-making contexts, capabilities, and challenges that require regional scientific support, and provide feedback concerning how effectively CSC products meet the needs of stakeholders.

The North Central Climate Science Center’s (NC CSC) SAC is currently chaired by Warren Day from the USGS Southwest Regional Office. Warren has served as the Chair of the NC CSC SAC since it started in 2012; where he has consistently provided sage advice and championed the integration of climate science and land management issues. However, in 2015, Warren will be transitioning from his current role back into a research position. His service has been much appreciated and very helpful to the NC CSC.

As Warren departs, Allison Shipp, current chair of the South Central Climate Science Center’s (SC CSC) SAC, will step in to also serve as the NC CSC’s SAC chair.

Allison brings with her a wealth of knowledge and a solid understanding of the Climate Science Centers. Allison was the interim Director for the SC CSC when it was first created, afterwards transitioning into the SAC Chair position. Allison has also served the past three years as the Chair of the Gulf Coastal Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCCs;rotating off as chair in June) and has also participated on the Desert, the Great Plains, and the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCCs.

Allison has a long history of working toward integrated science and research and building partnerships within USGS and between USGS and other Federal Agencies, States, Tribes, Universities, and NGOs. The SC CSC is looking forward to continued collaboration with her and the NC CSC is looking forward to working more closely with Allison, as well as the SC CSC, through the new arrangement.

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