SC-CSC scheduled downtime - Sept 19 at 5:00 PM CDT

9.18.2014 (Thu)

The National Weather Center (NWC) facility, in which the SC-CSC website is hosted, is working on an important upgrade to its network infrastructure. In order to finish this, the NWC has scheduled a downtime during which Internet presence and data feeds will not be available. NWC network staff are planning to make these changes on Friday, September 19, beginning at 5:00 PM CDT (2200 UTC) and they hope to have services back online no later than 9:30 PM CDT (0230 UTC). If all goes as planned, the downtime could be as short as 30 minutes. However, the larger time window has been reserved in case of unforeseen issues.

During this outage the SC-CSC website will be unavailable. If you do have questions or concerns during this outage, please call 405-325-1272.