SC-CSC Releases New Strategic Science Plan for 2013-2018

By U.S. Geological Survey
7.02.2013 (Tue)

The South Central Climate Science Center’s first Strategic Science Plan for 2013-2018 describes the role of the SC-CSC among partners and stakeholders and establishes science priorities that the SC-CSC will address through research.

The Science Priorities identified in the Strategic Science Plan include:

1. Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation, Resiliency, and Vulnerability Assessments
2. Climate Change Effects on Ecosystems
3. Hydrologic Response to Climate Change
4. Climate Change Effect on Human Populations, Socioeconomics, Urbanization, Cultural Resources, and Agricultural Issues
5. Improved Monitoring Networks for Resources Affected by Climate Change and Management Actions
6. Improved Management and Sharing of Climate Change and Geospatial Data
7. Imperiled and Rare Communities and Invasive Species
8. Coastal Response to Sea-Level Rise and Changing Geomorphology
9. Biological Response to Climate Change and Disturbance, Conservation Design and Delivery
10. Land-Use and Land-Cover Change

To read more about the science priorities, science resources, information management, and SC-CSC partner coordination, please refer to the SC-CSC Strategic Science Plan for 2013-2018.