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  • Building Resilience Through Actionable Science on the Gulf of Mexico Coast

    6.09.2017 (Fri)


    Sea Level Rise and the Future of Wetlands

    As sea level rise begins to encroach on… Read More »

  • CSCs Lead Climate Projection Training at National Adaptation Forum

    5.22.2017 (Mon)

    The National Adaptation Forum

    This year’s National Adaptation Forum took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. Participants hailed from across the… Read More »

  • South Central CSC Seeks Assistant Sustainability Scientist

    5.26.2017 (Fri)

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    Position Description

    This position develops and delivers trainings for Pueblos and Tribes in New Mexico (primarily) and… Read More »

Research Highlight

Understanding How Temperature and Precipitation Patterns Impact Coastal Wetland Ecosystems

2.07.2017 (Tue)

Coastal wetlands are one of the most economically valuable ecosystems in the world. In the United States, the ecosystem services provided by wetlands are worth billions of dollars and include flood protection, erosion control, seafood, water quality enhancement, carbon storage, recreation, and wildlife habitat. A South Central CSC funded study published in Nature Climate Change examines how shifts in temperature and precipitation patterns might impact the vital services provided by coastal wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico.

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We are a regional partnership of researchers, land managers, and tribes working collaboratively to develop science that addresses climate impacts on natural and human communities.